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Sabine Lehmann unpacks SA’s First Attractions Benchmark Survey Report.

August 19, 2021

Ahead of the Virtual African Association of Visitor Experiences and Attractions (AAVEA) Conference, Executive Director of the Association Sabine Lehmann takes a deep dive into South Africa’s first Attractions Benchmark survey report. She points to data as one key ingredient if Africa is to build back better.

Sabine Lehmann has first-hand insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the attractions industry – especially on the African continent. Having held leadership roles in some of South Africa’s most iconic tourist attractions Sabine understands from the inside out how difficult it is to run a profitable and sustainable attraction in a world that is constantly changing.

Sabine is committed to building African attractions and is the founder and Chair of the African Association of Visitor Experiences and Attractions (AAVEA)  and a government relations committee member of the IAPPA (The Global Association for the Attractions Industry). She holds an MBA from the University of Cape Town and an MPhil (Futures) from the  Stellenbosch University.

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