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Managing Director of Gondwana Collection Namibia Gys Joubert on Group’s Silver Jubilee

February 15, 2021

The Managing Director of Namibian Hospitality powerhouse Gondwana Collection Gys Joubert narrates the Group’s 25 years journey and their plans to grow outside of Namibia. He also gives a sense of how they survived the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic and lessons to build back better.

Gys Joubert currently holds the position as Managing Director of Gondwana Collection Namibia, one of the leading hospitality groups in the country. With over ten years of background in the banking and legal fields, he has extensive knowledge in commercial law. In 2017, Gys formally took over the reins as MD, prior having walked a path with the company as a non-executive director. He describes himself as an idealist with a strong moral code. In his own words, he hopes for the Gondwana brand to ‘bring true and holistic humanity to the corporate world’ and always representing a ‘force for good’. His overarching vision however does not only apply to the in-house brand, but extends far beyond Gondwana Collection Namibia, to the country and all her people.


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