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David Germain looks at Tourism’s role in Seychelles as it celebrates 250 years of existence

September 10, 2020

In this episode, David Germain, Director in charge of Africa & the Americas at the Seychelles Tourism Board joins me to discuss the contribution of Tourism to the Seychelles Island as it celebrates 250 years of existence.David Germain is the Seychelles Tourism Board Regional Director for Africa & the Americas responsible for the promotion and marketing of the Seychelles Islands in Africa and the Americas, David is a Seychelles national; he speaks and write French, English and creole and can speak basic Italian as well. He is responsible for the successful implementation of STBs marketing strategy and activities in the Americas and Africa, a campaign to actively market and promote Seychelles as a “ Choice” exotic islands holiday destination for the North American & African Travelers,  a responsibility to ensure consistent annual growth in tourism arrivals to Seychelles from those two continents.

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