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Tour of African Gastronomy; A Conversation with Morocco’s Chef El Hadi

February 10, 2021

In today’s episode, Morocco’s celebrity chef, Chef El Hadi who has enormous experience in cooking English, French, Italian, Spanish, Asian and Moroccan foods believes the continent of Africa needs to use diplomacy and marketing, and media to promote the region’s diverse culinary experiences to the world. Of British/Moroccan nationality, Chef El Hadi is an exceptional chef of many culinary talents.

Growing up in Morocco (with its great produce and vast cuisine), he started cooking as a young boy in his Mothers kitchen while she was out, and unbeknown to her, that is when his passion for cooking started. His love of creating new recipes as well as his ingenuity in the kitchen has led to his reputation for food of the highest tastes. With experience in cooking English, French, Italian, Spanish, Asian and Moroccan/Arabic food, Chef El Hadi has travelled the world to gain knowledge about food. He has cooked for celebrities in various restaurants in the UK and other parts of the world and is also a TV chef having completed several cooking programs (UK, Asia and Morocco). He is currently on Moroccan TV, daily presenting the cooking section on a very popular show and also presenting a cookery program on the Radio.

Chef El Hadi has gained great media coverage in newspapers and magazines over the years. Obtained certificates: First Aid certificate, Food and beverage management , Food Management certificate,Health, and Safety Food certificate level 1 & 2Various cooking courses

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