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Chenesai Mangoma identifies collaboration as a key ingredient in growing the Creative Economy

August 27, 2020

In this episode (#13), Chenesai Mangoma a trade lawyer and Creative economy strategist from Zimbabwe is leading advocacy for the development of a robust African creative economy strategy. Chenesai identifies collaboration as a key ingredient in growing the creative industry. She operates at the intersection of the creative industry, international trade, and human development. With several years of global experience in the business of fashion, trade and program/project development. She is the founder of Chenesai Africa, a fast-growing global entity premised on trade for development and currently leading the network building systems and processes in the creative industries of Zimbabwe towards increasing trade and investment in the sector. Chenesai has led multinational development investments and programs for UNDP, the British Council, and  HIVOs and at the National level has worked to establish the first creative Industries network of Zimbabwe. She is also a common purpose fellow and part of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt Responsible Leaders Network.


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